Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's The Point?

I decided to work with charcoal as my medium because I really like how easy it is to make highlights and shadows and how easy charcoal blends. Charcoal helped me make my drawing stand out more against the paper so it looked more life like, which is something I wanted. I mostly used shading and highlighting in this piece because I wanted the tusks to stand out a lot especially the broken tusk, which leads to the main reason I decided to do an elephant. When I first heard, "What's The Point," I immediately thought of things like polluting the environment and harming animals. So it was pretty easy to make it happen because firstly elephants are my favorite animals and secondly it was easy to show by having one of the elephants tusks broken, because elephants are very much so endangered by being hunted for their ivory tusks. Elephants can not survive when their tusks are completely removed.

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