Sunday, January 12, 2014

3D Questionable

For this project Ashlyn and I decided to make a life size person completely made out of tape. When we started this project it was looking good and normal but somehow it turned out looking disfigured and to be honest, scary. I don't like this piece at all but it was fun and a learning experience creating it.

sticky situation

First of all, if you'd really like to hear a sticky situation..keep reading. After I finished this project my sister saw and she really liked it so I gave it to her, but just now am I realizing that I don't have a picture of the final product so I can't even show what it turned out like so for that I'm sorry. For the brainstorming of sticky situation I immediately thought of gum because I've run into many problems involving gum so it related to me, and the repetition was the various places I remember stepping in gum and having it stick to my shoe. I decided to use acrylic paint because I am familiar with it and enjoy working with it. One of the struggles I ran into was the floor of a super market and how to get the tiles right, I'm sure I redid that part about three or four times, it got so frustrating. I don't think the mini lessons we were taught really helped me that much when completing my piece because I didn't need any of the different techniques to accomplish what I wanted. 

portraits using non art supplies

I chose to do Scott Avett for my portrait because he's in my absolute all time favorite band that's I've loved since a child, and also because he has a beard and I love beards. When I was brainstorming what to use as my materials for this project I was pretty clueless and really could only think of skittles for a while, but I wanted it to be black and white and not be edible (because I have dogs and don't want them getting into it) so i just opted out for push pins, it really just came to me. This material impacted my project because the only colors I could find it these pushpins were black and white so they completed what I intended this project to look like. Some of the challenges I faced were needing so many pushpins..these things were pretty dang expensive so my parents were getting a little iffy by the third time we had to go out and get more. and also I needed way more black pushpins than white so I had to spray paint some white ones black and use gel medium to give them a glossy finish. The pushpins and Scott really have nothing in common, so pushpins necessarily weren't that important to me as I could have used any other material. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


I took pressure and texture literally, and figuratively. It has texture by all the different parts of the pizza, and it shows pressure by it being and actual pizza symbolizing the way society tries to shape us into thinking thin and skinny is perfect. it's been a struggle for me in the past and I guess pizza doesn't really exactly show what I mean as much as food in general does. When I started this project i had no idea what I wanted to do, all I knew was I love pizza so much I wanted to do a project based off of it. I think I really got the way crust looks done well, I'm pretty happy with it. If there was one thing I'd like to change about this piece. it would probably be the cheese I really didn't know how to make it looks that realistic and also have a lot of texture.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Marble Drop

On this marble drop, I worked with Ashley and Lizzie. Our theme was 'Winter Wonderland.' We came up with this ideas kind've randomly after just brainstorming for a bit. The thing that was most difficult for me was trying to get the snowman to sit right so when we dropped a marble through it would fall into the right spot. The marble travels in sort of a zigzag shape and we just used some small pieces and hot glued them together. If there was one thing we could change about our marble drop, I think I would choose to change how the zigzags go because I feel like they're too steep and didn't work as well. I think I'm most proud of the background, I just think it looks really good and well put together


For this piece, I decided to work with clay..again (haha big surprise.) I took the word repetition by creating multiple lines around the outside to add texture as well.When we first got this assignment, I knew I wanted to use the potters wheel since I had yet to use one. After I had created my bowl, I was planning on doing little dancing bears around the perimeter of the top but the size I wanted them was really difficult for me to trace and carve it out so I ditched that idea. As I was trimming my bowl, I kind've just went with the flow and started creating uneven lines to the outside, it was really just a 'spur of the moment' kind of thing. One thing I think I did successfully was just the bowl itself, for one of my first bowls ever I was really proud of how it turned out. One thing I would like to change about my piece is the size, I wish I had made it bigger so I could use it for more things.