Sunday, January 12, 2014

portraits using non art supplies

I chose to do Scott Avett for my portrait because he's in my absolute all time favorite band that's I've loved since a child, and also because he has a beard and I love beards. When I was brainstorming what to use as my materials for this project I was pretty clueless and really could only think of skittles for a while, but I wanted it to be black and white and not be edible (because I have dogs and don't want them getting into it) so i just opted out for push pins, it really just came to me. This material impacted my project because the only colors I could find it these pushpins were black and white so they completed what I intended this project to look like. Some of the challenges I faced were needing so many pushpins..these things were pretty dang expensive so my parents were getting a little iffy by the third time we had to go out and get more. and also I needed way more black pushpins than white so I had to spray paint some white ones black and use gel medium to give them a glossy finish. The pushpins and Scott really have nothing in common, so pushpins necessarily weren't that important to me as I could have used any other material. 

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