Sunday, January 12, 2014

sticky situation

First of all, if you'd really like to hear a sticky situation..keep reading. After I finished this project my sister saw and she really liked it so I gave it to her, but just now am I realizing that I don't have a picture of the final product so I can't even show what it turned out like so for that I'm sorry. For the brainstorming of sticky situation I immediately thought of gum because I've run into many problems involving gum so it related to me, and the repetition was the various places I remember stepping in gum and having it stick to my shoe. I decided to use acrylic paint because I am familiar with it and enjoy working with it. One of the struggles I ran into was the floor of a super market and how to get the tiles right, I'm sure I redid that part about three or four times, it got so frustrating. I don't think the mini lessons we were taught really helped me that much when completing my piece because I didn't need any of the different techniques to accomplish what I wanted. 

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