Monday, May 11, 2015

Weird Abstract-Like Series

So..I don't really know how I came upon doing this. I was working on another project (which i grew frustrated with very quickly) and decided to take a break day and just paint some random stuff on one of the used canvases we've got lying around the art room. That was this.
It's hard to see from far away, but the lines with white and blue going through the whole thing were my absolute favorite part of this piece and i wanted to do something more with those I did. I made another piece following virtually the same shape-idea as this one but kept a more monochromatic color scheme. That was this guy.
I really really love the colors in this and am very happy with the way it turned out. I kept this project at school to work on but one afternoon i was sick of being inside watching tv, so i went outside with my paint and made another one of these. I don't know why i made so many similar things but i really like them so whateeeeever. The one i made at home is this.

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